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Captain JT's Wreck Diving Site - Your Guide to Great Wreck Diving along the East Coast Of The USA. - California Wreck Divers Page With Links, Maps And Other Information.
Diving In Croatia - We are a diving center from Croatia specialized in making diving safe.
Diving In Marseille - Great Wreck Diving Site Off The Coast Of France.
Dive Port Huron - Shipwreck information for the Port Huron, Michigan area plus underwater pictures of the Wexford, Price, Regina, Tremble, Sweetheart, and others. - A personal website about one man's childhood home/boat that was sunk to be a reef.
Hunting New England Shipwrecks - provides historical backgrounds, pictures and other information on some of New England's most well-known shipwrecks.
JULIE-ANNE MARINE SALVAGE - Two Salvagers Get High Quality Roofing From A Shipwreck Off the coast of Anglesey.
Michigan Shipwrecks - Dedicated to promoting the sport of scuba diving by providing easy access to Shipwreck Information.
Scapa Flow - Wartime Naval History & Major Wreck Diving Centre.
Scuba Diving - Devon Shipwrecks And Submerged Productions.
Shipwrecks Off Alaska's Coast
Truk Lagoon - Wreck Diving Aboard The Truk Lagoon SS Thorfinn In Micronesia
Worldwide Shipwreck Database - International Registry of Sunken Ships. Online Since 1995.

Deep Star Exploration - Nova Scotia Shipwreck Research, Survey, Recovery and Development.
The Dive Site Network - The Ultimate Scuba Resource For Shipwreck Diving In Eastern Canada.
Shipwrecks Of Nova Scotia - A guide For Divers And Armchair Adventurers.

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