Bob Johns Guam Page – An interesting site with all sorts of good stuff about Guan.
Boonie Stomps Guam, USA - Dedicated to family, computers and cars, (particularly Mustangs) on Guam. - Traveling or relocating to Guam? Military with orders to Guam? Check our pages for information about Guam's beaches, scuba diving, golf, parasailing, sky diving, dining and nightlife, bars, shopping or other leisure activities.
Hafa Adai! Guam, USA - Lots of Guam links and a photo tour of Guam's airport! & Guam - What's it Like to Live on Guam. - Guam - Hawaii's "sister" Island has it's own beauty.
John’s Guam Page – Shots of a beautiful Pacific island.
Magellan In Guam Site - Without Guam, Ferdinand Magellan could hardly have been the first human to circumnavigate the globe.
Pereda Homepage - Hello and welcome to Hafa Adai Land, the Pereda family website.

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