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Alby’s Travels – Notes from the desk of a world traveler. - Photo and travelogue of writer, artist and professional hitchhiker: Mark Stephen.
Giuilio Saggin – “I came up with the idea to hitchhike around my native Australia photographing everyone who gave me a lift and writing about each hitch.”
Jessie’s Hitchhiking tips: Making hitchhiking signs, finding hitchhiking maps, & eating cheap.
Katja Lachmann - Stories of being on the road.
Kinga & Chopin’s Travel Site – Hitchiking The World!!! – Augustus Klingy’s personal travel site. – “On May 1, 2001, with a backpack filled with clothing, a digital camera, a laptop, and a mobile phone.”
LJKammer - A hitch-hiker from Netherlands and his info page.
Ludovic Hubler - Hitch-Hiking around the world. – Stories and photos from a man who hitches on trains.
Rules of Thumb – The World According To Rick.
Sammy The Scavenger’s Travel Guide - Great Hitchhiking Site.
Sasha’s Hitchhiking Travels - “My name is Sasha. I'm living in Toronto. All my life I love to travel.”
Steven’s Hitching Site – Overland From England to Australia.
Tomb Thumb – Renowned Traveler – Travel Stories And Tales.
Vladimir’s Homepage – Hitchhiking Travel & A Ton of interesting Stuff!
Woozy – One of the most “provocatively designed” hitchhiking chapter sites you will ever see.

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